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The ever creative flow of Live




 Here we are, navigating on this vast sea of data, sometimes looking for something, sometimes just spending time as wanderers. Some of us think this world is new, others feel it is old and decadent. What do we know ? We have our intimate impressions, and we take them for granted, as we sense nothing is surer than our sensations. But this sensations can also be confused.


We believe in the day and the night. Sometimes we feel full of life and sometimes we feel tired. Sometimes we feel a strong hunger for something we can’t identify, sometimes we feed on boredom as the ultimate truth. We want lovers, friends, success. Sometimes we feel we have to adapt and sometimes that our desire, as mad as it may be, should be in control. We think. We manipulate concepts and notions and general ideas. We feel unsatisfied but we can not name the horizon we would like to walk to. Sometimes we think we live in the center of the world, sometimes we believe the real life is elsewhere, far away from our everyday.


Humans. So close and yet so different. We have explored in many ways what makes us the same, and still our differences, for the most, stay hidden behind the clichés and the practices. We fear the monster inside us, for it looks like nothing we know. We fear the madness of the others and yet we strive for something surprising in their psychology. We run away for what we call. We desire what scares us. We don’t dare, or when we do, it is often out of rythm.


Here am I, just a voice. Talking to you from a point of the globe. It might be Paris or more precisly a forest near Paris, but it might as well be any point of the cyberworld. Who I am individually doesn’t really count, for our voices and our acts ought to be united. Towards what ? Let’s name the horizon : let’s call it the Land of Crealia. A place where each of us will feel and see the co-creation of the world we live in.


We participate in this co-creation. Now. Our perception is holding things together. Our mind is the glue of the world. Don’t you want to see this glue melt for a while ? Don’t you want the cages we call reality to explode ? Don’t you want the elements to recompose the order of things in more diverse ways ?


Crealism is our new paradigm. It means the world is our creation. We don’t have to adapt or adjust until we become automatons. Let’s contemplate the richness of our impressions. They want to live. Let’s stop the chain work of putting things, events and desires in the availiable boxes we have been told they fit. New orders. New protocols. Free hamonious worlds and peace ambassadors, messengers of the radical differences. Parallel worlds that dig deep into their singularity and relate with each other without violence, because they have a common ennemy : greed, and its will to power.


A lot of you are afraid of death. But there is something in you that never dies. Life. Do you want to try, for an moment, to surrender to the ever creative flow of Life ?



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Oh, yeah. I'm in.
Once again, you find words to light up a new way.
Thanks for these.

Écrit par : Popette Jane Balboa | 11.09.2010

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